The Devil's Own Chili

Here’s the thing about chili. People think it’s party fare, fun food casually plucked off the supermarket canned goods shelf. We bet you do too. Which is fine if you aren’t endowed with a sophisticated palette that recognizes the gastronomic pleasure truly exceptional chili offers. You probably won’t like The Devil’s Own Chili and wouldn’t appreciate its rich, subtle flavors as they transform into a dish steeped in depth and character. Only a limited number of intrepid spirits turn up their noses on the herd and have nothing to do with the 'popular' mass-produced red liquid laced with beans that is dubbed "chili".  

Because you see -- chili is a state of mind. On 19th century Texas cattle trails, it was called, "the soup of the devil". Today's smart, sophisticated trail blazer has an irresistible image of rich, soul-fulfilling bowls of steaming heavenly chili. Can no way settle for canned brands. Accepts only a master-selected measure of the purest spices to achieve as close to chili perfection as can be found. Thru the years this discerning kind of person has been lauded as an "unreconstructed, authentic chilihead".  If you're absolutely sure you're one -- then this chili masterpiece may be for you. But only if you qualify.

Our mission is to provide a seriously extraordinary chili experience. We’re located in Dallas Texas, where we’ve slavishly perfected our Texas Chili recipe for over 50 years. We’ve created the most satisfying, Texas-sized character chili on the planet by using only the finest natural ingredients. To us, it’s culinary artistry. Take it or leave it. 

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