Visca Chacuteria

The idea for visca charcuteria was born in the spring of 2017 when eugene left nyc and made his way to nerac in southwestern france where he worked with kate hill at kitchen at camont and dominique chapolard - who taught the intricacies of french butchery and traditional farmstead charcuterie.

Following his time in france he then had the opportunity to shift his focus from french charcuterie making to the spanish style of curing.  He went to live and work in the hills of catalunya with the incredible family of cal rovira, a renowned working charcuterie farm in sagas.

Returning to texas in 2018, eugene set out to create small-scale european style charcuterie in the us. After months of searching and eventually building out the perfect commercial space in wimberley, texas, visca is now the only dry cured salami facility in the state. We use the highest quality pasture raised pork, spices and salt we can find - every product is truly artisinal from the hand tied knots to the packaging. Visca products can currently be found in restaurants and small scale grocers around central texas and available direct to your door from the online shop.

Curious about the name? Visca is catalan for “viva” - any fc futbolista can tell you more!

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