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Sarah Clement about  Lone Star Pride Gift Basket:
Jan 18, 2013
Verified review, this customer purchased from TexasFood.com
i was in a pickle i wanted some thing different and fun for my grand parents food was perfect they loved the basket and when i called in i got the owner who helped me with my order and made sure it got out on time. it was a big hit thank you texas food.

Advantages: you talk to a real person. every thing that you send is texas made.

Disadvantages: if you send a gift you dont get to eat it lol every thing els is grate
Barry Eslick about  Saltgrass Seven -7- Steak Spice:
Jan 15, 2013
Verified review, this customer purchased from TexasFood.com
Saltgrass 7 Steak Spice is the perfect blend of seasoning for steaks, without over powering the flavor of the meat.
Michele about  Lone Star Pride Gift Basket:
Jan 15, 2013
Verified review, this customer purchased from TexasFood.com
Purchased this as a gift for an out of state business associate. Delivered as promised quickly and before Christmas day. Their office seemed to be pleasantly surprised with the gift basket.
Susan Brown about  TexJoy Steak Seasoning:
Jan 14, 2013
Verified review, this customer purchased from TexasFood.com
We love Tex-Joy Steak Seasoning...we use it on not only steak, but chicken, hamburgers, in casserole...just a great all-around seasoning!!! A Staple In Our Pantry!
Henry King about  TexJoy Steak Seasoning:
Jan 13, 2013
Verified review, this customer purchased from TexasFood.com
This stuff is great. It is our favorite steak seasoning! We gave our adult children some for Christmas.
Michael Bradley about  TexJoy Steak Seasoning:
Jan 11, 2013
Verified review, this customer purchased from TexasFood.com
I found this seasoning at a steak house in Scottsdale, Arizona. Being from Alabama, I decided to try it at home. Smart move. We use it on everything that needs salt and pepper, and I sell it in the convenience store my wife and I own. The same customers buy it over and over, making it my most popular seasoning. Thanks Tex-Joy.

Advantages: Throw away the salt and pepper shakers. They're no longer needed.

Disadvantages: None found so far.
Jose Sepeda about  TexJoy Old West Mesquite Shake:
Jan 10, 2013
Verified review, this customer purchased from TexasFood.com
This seasoning gives and kind of meat grilling and awesome taste!

Advantages: Gives it that extra taste!

Disadvantages: none
Lavona Marlowe about  TexJoy Steak Seasoning:
Jan 9, 2013
Verified review, this customer purchased from TexasFood.com
this is the best steak spice on the market. My mother bought it for me 20 years ago, it is so good I keep going back to it.
Durene Sampson about  Katy Sweet Chewy Pecan Pralines:
Jan 9, 2013
Verified review, this customer purchased from TexasFood.com
Fast service. Delicious product.
Jan 4, 2013
My friend Deb makes Bread n Butter jalapenos, and they are good. The problem is her husband who eats them all, so I can only get a small jar! I have found these to be a just as good as homemade and equally delicious!

Advantages: Perfect blend of the hot and sweet!

Disadvantages: Little spendy, but you pay for quality.
Amanda Apolinar about  Devil's Lightning Jolokia Hot Sauce:
Jan 1, 2013
I am a Mexican from San Antonio. So I know hot sauce with a kick. This hot sauce is outstanding. It's is crazy spicy but not the kind of spicy that is going to burn out your tastebuds so that you can no longer taste the flavor of your food. It has an amazing flavor along with the best lasting slow mouth burn ever! I use it both as a condiment and to cook with. If you have a high spice tolerance and want some intense flavor, this is the sauce for you!

Advantages: HIGH spice level. HIGH flavor profile!

Disadvantages: Not for those with mild spice tolerance.
Carol Wilson about  SuckleBusters Texas GunPowder:
Dec 24, 2012
I've used this since the 1990s. Can't make Chex Mix without it...glad to have found it again.
Dec 12, 2012
I used to buy this when I lived in Texas. Haven't been able to find it in my new state. So glad it's back! Ummm, I use it in my brownies and fudge. Just a tsp or two is all it takes to get a little tickle at the back of your throat. So danged good. Everybody loves it, even those who don't like spicy food. And it takes popcorn to a whole new level. Try it!
AUDREY RICE about  TexJoy Spicy Steak Seasoning:
Oct 29, 2012
We have been uning the regular steak seasoning for years on all meats, in stews, etc. It is the absolute best shake-on seasoning available. Unfortunately, the Academy stores in Houston no longer carry this product and the factory does not seem to know where their products are sold retail in the Houston area.
gayle gale about  TexJoy Steak Seasoning:
Oct 15, 2012
My daughter who formerly lived in Beaumont introduced us to Tex Joy steak seasoning. It is a must in my kitchen. Grandkids use it on cottage cheese and popcorn when they don't have a steak or hamburger to put it on. Have used it for neighborhood Christmas gifts.

Disadvantages: can't fin it in our Utah stores!
Cathy Odom about  SuckleBusters BBQ Sauce:
This is a very smooth and flavorful sauce. I don't like sauce that is too spicy and this sauce has just the right amout of spice so I consider it perfect!
Rob Mitchell about  Van Roehling Campfire Dust Seasoning:
Never better steak seasoning. A sure-fire pleaser!
Karen Wiebe about  SuckleBusters Texas GunPowder:
Thank you Jason for the excellent service and product. The flavor of the Texas Gunpowder is fabulous - spicy and fresh! Delivery to Canada was smooth and without incident.
I love these peppers, but they are hard to find in Dallas.Can anyone tell me where I can find some?
Katrina about  TexJoy Steak Seasoning:
This is the greatest seasoning EVER! We put this on everything from meat to veggies.
Mark Ennes about  SuckleBusters Texas GunPowder:
This stuff is great in soup. Just three taps of the little bottle is enough. I can't have a bowl of soup without it. Adds a certain elegance to every bowl!
Alicia about  Cin Chili & Co. Chili Mix:
This chili was voted my work's favorite out of 27 other chilis. Delicious!
I used this with some baked ribs. Fantastic!
Wonderful product! So happy I can get it online! Some uses we have for it: scrambled eggs, creamed tuna on toast, chili, chicken and tuna salad, rub for grilled meats and vegetables, soups, add to gravies. The possibilities are endless!
Katrina Warren about  SuckleBusters Texas GunPowder:
I LOVE Texas Gunpowder! I'm thrilled that I am able to get it again! Besides the great ideals you've mentioned, I also use it in egg salad, & tuna salad!!! Mmmmm.......