Devil's Lightning Jolokia Hot Sauce

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Darrel Leger
Aug 30, 2016
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I first used your hot sauce was on a offshore drilling rig where the food has no seasons what so was shitting next to a bottle of Tabbsco hot sauce, I mistaken and grabbed The Devils Lighting and it added all the flavor I excepted it to have. From then on I been using Devils Lightung in everything I eat . Very impressed with your Devils Lightung .

Advantages: Has no vingar taste like the Tabbsco has and Devils Lightung has a little kick which I love about it .

Disadvantages: Kinda expensive but you get what you pay for .
Jul 15, 2016
I def. agree w/ the above reviewer. This sauce is not that hot, but it has a good taste and you can always add more sauce to your food, if you like.

For a reference, I think an average person can put 5+ drops on a chicken wing w/ this sauce and be okay.
Amanda Apolinar
Jan 1, 2013
I am a Mexican from San Antonio. So I know hot sauce with a kick. This hot sauce is outstanding. It's is crazy spicy but not the kind of spicy that is going to burn out your tastebuds so that you can no longer taste the flavor of your food. It has an amazing flavor along with the best lasting slow mouth burn ever! I use it both as a condiment and to cook with. If you have a high spice tolerance and want some intense flavor, this is the sauce for you!

Advantages: HIGH spice level. HIGH flavor profile!

Disadvantages: Not for those with mild spice tolerance.