Kreuz Market Holy Trinity BBQ Combo

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Laurie Vaceannie
Feb 26, 2019
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Not my first rodeo with Kreuz, have ordered in the past. However, this was the first time I ordered the Brisket and my family and I were very disappointed, it was all fat, I was shocked. I cooked it perfectly. We so looked forward to that meal and ended up disposing of it. What a waist. We are New Yorker's and love Kreuz's BBQ and always look forward to it once it arrives, but this was so disappointing, and the money that was spent on this order, we ordered sausage and ribs as well, perfection.....can not say the same for the brisket..that was a lot of money wasted.

Advantages: The advantages were that my entire family and I waited with bated breath for our BBQ delivery from Kreuz as we look forward to their delicious meats, sausage, ribs, and a brisket.

Disadvantages: The DISADVANTAGE was the Brisket and the FAT it was covered in....My family and I received a Brisket in which I ordered for the first time, cooked perfectly to perfection, but it was covered in so much fat, we had to end up throwing it in the garbage...We received a bad Brisket...
antonio tirante
Apr 20, 2017
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Although it was a gift the feedback was awesome with one small exception. The sausage was spicy and up sey a couple of people who had stomach problems Just a heads up to anyone ordering it The brisket and ribs were great
Mike Essl
Jan 10, 2017
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We have out of state friends (way out of state, Pennsylvania. We love Kreuz BBQ so we sent this for Christmas. It was shipped super pronto and our friends can't stop thanking us. AAA+++ 5 star folks, thanks!

Advantages: Delicious!
Aaron Ward
May 19, 2016
Verified review, this customer purchased from
Best brisket I ever had,,

Advantages: Easy to cook

Disadvantages: None
Danny Koch
Jul 20, 2014
Verified review, this customer purchased from
Amazing BBQ!
Great flavor, this is the real deal!

Advantages: Didn't have to pay the plane fare to Texas!

Disadvantages: Now every other BBQ will not be as good!

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