Shipping to multiple addresses

If you are shipping gifts to multiple addresses we recommend the following methods to ensure accuracy.

 For 2-5 recipients we recommend you complete each order individually. After your first order, your bill-to address is saved making each subsequent order quick and easy. Once you begin the checkout for the next order, you will only have to enter the next shipping address and your credit card number to complete the order. During checkout, click the pencil icon next to the shipping address to change it to the next address. Repeat until your list is complete. Each order will be charged separately.

 For 6 or more recipients we recommend you e-mail your list to Please be sure to include your gift message and which gift item you would like to ship. We will reply with a link to complete payment. Using this method, you will only be charged once for the total amount of all the gifts ordered.

 You can also submit your list through our contact us form.

 Please note, gift recipients will never receive pricing information in their shipment.

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