Kylito's Salsa Co.

Back in the 1970's Kyle Lancaster was just an aspiring chef, developing his early skills by watching his mom, Joanne, in the kitchen. As his confidence grew, he began creating his own culinary masterpieces such as "chili eggs" and "tuna supreme", stuff only he would eat. However, Kyle grew to become a darn good cook, and in 2001 he amd a friend opened their very own restaurant in Slaton, TX.

Jodarro's Grill opened in Spring of 2001. Serving a mix of Mexican and American Food, it became a very popular place in the small West Texas town. People loved Kyle's salsa and ate it on everything from enchiladas to chicken fried steak! Customers commonly ordered 16 & 32 ounce cups of salsa to take home. It was here that Kyle earned his nickname "Kylito"!

To satisfy the demand for his salsa, Kyle began jarring it out of his home kitchen. When fans would request a jar, he already had one ready to go! Over the next 6 years this created a huge following of Kylito's customers! Demand had become too great, something had to give... as fate would have it, Kyle's brother and sister-in-law (Kraig & Tracye) had an idea of their own. Having witnessed the growth of Kyle's salsa hobby, they all got together to discuss the possibilities of going into business as a family. With little to lose and much to gain they all knew it had to happen! This was going to be a labor of love... and on Valentine's Day of 2011 they officially became.... Kylito's Salsa Co. LLC!

And just like that! Kylito's ultimate, culinary masterpiece was ready to be shipped to the salsa loving masses.

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