It all started with a simple mission: To get back to the Wild...

Years ago, we started to realize that the way we lived, the way we ate, and the way we saw the world were getting further and further away from how nature truly intended it to be. Our days became more and more about florescent lights, computer screens, and “climbing the ladder” than they did about our passions for adventure and the outdoors. We constantly became bombarded with “new age” products designed to “fuel our active lifestyle” that, in fact, were made with ingredients created in labs and further than ever from their natural state. We felt more disconnected than ever from our planet and our lives and decided that it was time to get ourselves “back to the wild.”

For us, creating a business around this mission would give us the opportunity to help shape the lives of so many other people by connecting them back with the natural world, and we settled on Wildway as the company to do that. Getting back to the wild can mean different things to different people, but in a nutshell, it’s about connecting ourselves- to the natural world- to the food that comes from it. Its about appreciating the beautiful landscapes that nature has given us, sustaining ourselves with real food that comes from the ground (as nature intended it to be), and understanding the connection between the two.  

Join us on our mission to re-connect ourselves back to the wild—for a more natural, sustainable, and connected future.

People often ask us, "Why food? There are so many different ways to connect people to the outdoors and create a more sustainable future, so why choose food”? Food is an integral part of our culture, our lives, and our planet. We eat multiple times a day, every day. It makes its way in to nearly every social setting, is something everyone consumes, and is something that can (and should) be easily connected to the land and where it came from. Our planet gives food the nutrients it needs to grow, and food gives us the nutrients we need to explore our amazing planet. Making the connection between these things and appreciating the incredible impact that real food can have on us and our planet is what “getting back to the wild” is all about.

We believe that there is nothing more prevalent and integral to the health of us and the planet we call home than real, whole, sustainable food. It’s why we don’t use any lab-created ingredients, no flavorings, no fake sweeteners, and no extracts in any of our products—it’s why we work to establish direct supplier relationships for our raw materials, and constantly look for additional ways to reduce our carbon footprint—it’s why we only deal with suppliers and vendors that are committed to sustainable farming and growing practices—and its why we partner with organizations whose mission is to help save our wild things and wild places.  Let’s use food to get back to the wild together, and create a better future, better planet, and better us along the way.

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