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Whittington's Jerky

Whittington's Jerky
For over 50+ years, Whittington's Jerky has been making and selling some of the best jerky in the world. Travelers through the Texas Hill Country have heard "if you're going through Johnson City, you have to stop at Whittington's." for years. So we've become a traditional stop for many families. There is just so much to try and see. With our sampling table, that enables you to try all of the fantastic jerky recipes, but also a few other of our jarred goodies. For instance, Peach Cobbler in the jar! Oh yea, just get a spoon because it has the crust right in there. But this great General Store didn't happen over night. Back in the late 1950's D.J. & Gertrude Whittington purchased the Johnson City Locker Plant. They did all the meat processing in the area for over 40 years. The day came when D.J. decided to call it a day and his son Sam stepped up and decided to sell the meat processing plant, and build a new plant and specialize in one of their most famous recipes, D.J. Whittington's Famous Beef Jerky! Now 14 years later Sam and wife Susan have expanded the jerky line to have Beef, Turkey, Pork, and All Natural. They sell it in the store, out of the meat case by weight or you can pick up packages there, also. Whittington's Jerky only uses USA raised animals. Our meat is hand selected for the leanest inside rounds they can find for us. We buy turkey breasts that aren't injected full of salt water. The pork we purchase doesn't have any antibiotics and hormones added. We make the finest jerky in our custom made smoke houses that were duplicated from the ones D.J. used at the old meat plant. We couldn't change a good thing, now could we? The jerky is slow smoked for over 12 hours, cut by hand, seasoned with a short list of simple ingredients and vacuum packed.


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