Thunderbird was built on the simple belief that eating genuinely healthy food doesn’t have to mean sacrificing taste, pleasure or convenience. Fruits, Nuts, Seeds, Spices & absolutely nothing else; resulting in bars that are Plant Based/Vegan, Paleo Certified and all without adding a drop sugar, of any kind. We don’t follow trends we simply use REAL FOOD to deliver naturally perfect nutrition. Don’t compromise…. Indulge & Elevate! 

Founded and crafted in Austin, TX by endurance athletes who didn’t want to compromise great taste for great health. Thunderbird bars allow you to indulge your cravings, while elevating your health. A truly healthy alternative to “energy” bars, we start by making sure our bars taste great using only 100% all-natural and simple Fruits, Nuts, Seeds and Spices… and nothing else!  Then we really stand out by not adding a drop of sugar (real, artificial, honey, syrup, agave or any other variety) to provide clean, pure, real energy to live life to its fullest. All this in a clean Paleo Certified and Vegan bar, giving you the best of both worlds. Don't compromise… 

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