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The Original Beer Pickle

The Original Beer Pickle
The Original Beer Pickle The Original Beer Pickle The Original Beer Pickle The Original Beer Pickle
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Manufacturer Conscious Choice Foods
City Dallas, TX
Size Pint
Our Price: $8.55
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Inspired by the flavor desires of long distance bikers and barroom brawlers, we present the Original Beer Pickle. Consume these pickles with beer, lunch meat, spam, beer, sardines, crackers, beer, weenies, cheese, beer and more beer.

- IF you like HOT, SPICY and SALTY this magical pickle is for you.
- Nothing like The Beer Pickle has ever been tasted before.
- Crisp, hot, spicy, salty and very MAGICAL. Superb for helping hangovers
- Using the left over juice for seasoning cooked greens to Bloody Mary's is worth the price.

In May of 1977 a young sailor fresh out of the Navy with a new Harley tucked between his legs makes his way into New Orleans and finds a quaint local bar. He sits down beside a young lady with coal black hair and eyes that were green as Caribbean calm waters. After several hours of imbibing and dancing, Harold and the lady leave for her house to enjoy a quieter setting. More drinks were had and the nighttime shifts towards morning and as hunger sets in, the lady offers up a jar of pickles to munch on while she makes fried spam and egg sandwiches for their early morning snack. Harold grabs a pickle and realizes it's hotter than anything he had eaten in a while. She said, "I call it The Beer Pickle".

She also told him that if he would slice up those pickles and put them on his sandwich he would suffer no hangover the next day. Harold asked her where she had gotten such a delightful treat and she told him that she had made them herself. She said,..."Two Mardi Gras ago I was suffering a terrible migraine headache when a Rastafarian priest asked what was wrong. He then scribbled this pickle recipe on a piece of paper while warning me they were very hot, very powerful and full of healing qualities." The next morning Harold woke up refreshed, very satisfied and had no ill effects from his rowdy partying of the previous day.

Thirty three years and three divorces later Harold is cleaning out his dresser drawer when he finds an old penicillin prescription bottle shoved through a finger hole of his brass knuckles. Before throwing away the bottle he opens it and to his surprise finds the long lost recipe for the fabulous and magical Beer Pickle. After spending months locating the special ingredients, Harold's first batches of Beer Pickles were born in Dallas, TX. His hard work has paid off because his Beer Pickles are just as hot, just as healing and just as magical as when he tasted them that fateful night in New Orleans of 1977.

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