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Thai Curry Brine

Thai Curry Brine
Thai Curry Brine Thai Curry Brine
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Manufacturer F.I.T Brine
City Houston, TX
Size 4 oz
Flavor Thai Curry
Our Price: $8.00
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F.I.T. Brine's Thai Curry Brine truly embodies the spirit of Thai cuisine. An aromatic blend of spices highlighting curry, peanut and chili peppers, this brine will add a golden color and infuse a warm and complex flavor into any meat. This brine is a great introduction to the rich and flavorful world of southeastern Asian cuisine. It may even awaken a spirit of adventure and an interest to explore other flavors in this region! Every 1 oz. of FIT Brine mixture brines 1 lb. of meat. Recommended Meats to Use: Chicken, Lamb Note: Each flavor individually packaged in a food-grade, 5.4 mil thick PET/LLDPE material, resealable, clear, stand-up pouch.

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