SAY GOODBYE TO BORING MEALS. Our original sweet salsa adds a delicious kick to a wide variety of foods from appetizers to entries. Each bite is a flavor explosion that results from the perfect combination of sweetness and bold spices. It is prepared in a way that gives every bite a consistent, full flavor. In the book “Salsa” (published 1993) the author P.J. Birosik, wrote, “An authentic salsa should possess an element from at least three of the following flavor categories; sweet, sour/tart, spicy/hot, savory, herbal or aromatic. Without this tripodular balance, the recipe usually fails to titillate the taste buds and entice the senses. INSPIRED TO DELIGHT. Texas Sweet Heat is the product of gourmet innovation and passion. Gazing out at a sea of mediocre salsas, we knew we could do better. Our aim was to craft a salsa steeped in the tradition of Texas sauces but elevated through the implementation of contemporary cooking methods and fresh ingredients. After eleven awards and much acclaim, we are proud to offer up a salsa that is bold yet refined, tasteful yet inspired. OUR PHILOSOPHY We are committed to providing our loyal customers with the highest quality salsa – all natural, no preservatives, gluten-free, and without trans-fat. Just as important to us as the quality of our salsa, we stand behind our excellency when it comes to customer service. 

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