Texana Brands

Our 150 acres of olives is planted in Artesia Wells, TX on heritage land that has been in the family for over 125 years. The Texana name came from our great great grandmother, Texana Ramsey Henrichson. We continue to grow olives and produce olive oil from these same precious acres that were covered in watermelons and cattle years ago. On top of this, we have our hands in the production of over 500 acres of olives in the state of Texas.

It is our mission to produce the best quality extra virgin and infused olive oils possible. Recently, the family had the opportunity to acquire the Cowgirl Brands, LLC production facility in Kyle Texas. This facility has been the home base for the bottling, marketing, and distribution of Texas olive oil for the past 5 years. Texana Brands is excited to be introducing our own label and product under the name “Texana Brand” with the same commitment to quality, honesty, and service that Texas customers have relied and trusted in for the past 5 years.

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