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Sweet & Spicy Brine

Sweet & Spicy Brine
Sweet & Spicy Brine Sweet & Spicy Brine - Nutrition Facts Sweet & Spicy Brine
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Manufacturer F.I.T Brine
City Houston, TX
Size 4 oz
Flavor Sweet & Spicy
Our Price: $9.95

F.I.T. Brine's Sweet & Spicy Brine is a perfect combination of heat, sweet, and salty that seals in flavor and juices to ensure a delicious piece of meat. On its own, this brine is great in its simplicity, but it was especially designed for those who love to grill and smoke! This brine creates a great platform for those BBQ masters by tenderizing and moistening the meat while enhances the deep flavors that are constructed when barbecuing with mesquite, apple, pecan or any other type of wood. This Sweet & Spicy Brine will help you achieve the epitome of barbecuing! Every 1 oz. of FIT Brine mixture brines 1 lb. of meat. Recommended Meats to Use: Beef, Lamb Note: Each flavor individually packaged in a food-grade, 5.4 mil thick PET/LLDPE material, resealable, clear, stand-up pouch.

INGREDIENTS: Sea Salt, Sugar, Red Pepper, Garlic & Paprika.

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