Suzybeez Bakery

Made in house baked goods using the best products and recipes. Our Pastry Chef and Co-Owner Caty Johnston is a classically trained Pastry Chef from the Culinary Institute of Alain and Marie LeNotre. After graduating at the top of her class Caty work for Susan Cummings the original owner of Suzybeez where she learned to decorate cakes, and grow her passion of all things sweet. Caty has also work as Lead Chef for some of Clark Cooper Concepts top Restaurants such as Coppa Osteria and Punk’s Simple Southern Food under acclaimed Chef Brandi Key. Along with her mother and Co-Owner Jan Provine we strive for not only the best product but for the best customer service. We are a family owned and operated Bakery that strives to bring the best product to you and your family. 

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