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Sabrosos Salsas

Sabrosos Salsas

Sabrosos Salsas had a humble beginning. It all started with a mother and son in their kitchen. It was a daunting task yet Kris and Sandy had one vision that made them wake up every day; change the worlds view on salsa. In their household, salsa wasn’t just frivolously put there as a side note. The salsa is what made their dishes taste so great.

It wasn’t long before their customers came to them with great joy over recipes they created themselves. Our recipes have been perfected from a long heritage of salsa enthusiasts. We have been family owned and ran from the beginning which is why we keep that same flavor that you tasted the first time you tried our salsas.


Sabrosos Salsas Authentic Salsa Roja
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Sabrosos Salsas En Fuego Salsa
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