Riba Foods

Riba Foods, Inc was established in 1988 by Miguel Barrios, Sr. Today it is still a family-owned Houston-
based business and one of the premier fire-roasting manufacturers in the U.S.

After moving to the United States, Miguel Barrios could never find salsa quite as good as he had growing
up in Mexico City. (Origins of salsa go back to the Mayan and Aztec cultures of fire-roasting vegetables.)
So, utilizing his heritage, he created such a salsa by pioneering the process in which he "Fire-Roasts" all
the fresh vegetables prevalent in Mexican salsa products today. More than thirty years later, Riba Foods
still uses this fire-roasting process to make its Arriba!® Salsas and Dips. The roasting, toasting, and
grinding process brings out this unique flavor, making it perfect for snacking, dipping, and as a special
ingredient in cooking. Riba Foods also manufactures the Texas Pepper Works Product line, a variety of
products that are like no others in the market today, and includes: candied jalapeno peppers, jalapeno
mustard, and a raspberry chipotle salsa.

At Riba, our goal is to provide the highest-quality "Fire-Roasted" products. Made in small artisanal
batches to focus on flavor, our Classic Red Salsas, Famous Green Salsas, Distinctive Dips and Specialty
Salsas use fresh ingredients. They do not contain any preservatives or additives, and are also gluten
free, fat free and low carb.

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