Moe's Magic Dust

Moe’s Magic Dust
In June of 2012, Moe was called to participate in a Crawfish Contest at the Vida Loca Mexican Bar & Grill. He was going up against some big rigs and teams in the crawfish game. Moe knew it was going to be a challenge because he was a one man team. So, he decided that he would simply beat them on flavor. Moe began by combining several seasonings right then and there, and called it “Magic Dust”.
He stepped out in front of his tent and yelled… (((Crawfish Magic Dust)))

Moe wowed the people! They responded in such a positive way, that it won him a spot in the next round. The crowd loved his newly blended creation. Not really understanding what had just taken place, Moe was always a firm believer in that there is always something for you to gain in every event in life. So, he took full advantage of it and called his graphic designer to put the vision in place; Moe’s Crawfish Magic Dust was born. After that, Moe went through the trials and errors of creating the perfect spice. He would spend countless hours in a self-built seasoning office located in his home. Moe was determined to come up with the best blend on the market. I guess being a Chef and a Bar B Q Pit Master helps with the art of blending seasonings because, after only one year of dedication and careful testing, Moe did it, and he knew it. Once he completed the task of perfecting his special blends, he decided that he needed to design the perfect package. Two packages later, he finally decided on the one he felt was right. And it was perfect.
What Is Special about Moe’s Magic Dust Seasonings?

This seasoning is like no other. First of all, it is low in Sodium and Salt, with a fabulous blend of herbs and spices. Plus, the seasonings taste differently on each dish you prepare, never compromising taste or quality. The different seasonings have a unique way of reacting to the foods, enhancing the flavors without overpowering or masking. We really have taken the science out of you trying to blend seasonings for that tasty dish. Now, you only need one bottle of each of the different flavors of Moe’s Magic Dust, which allows you to save money, as well.

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