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Lemon Crushed Flavored Olive Oil

Lemon Crushed Flavored Olive Oil
Lemon Crushed Flavor Olive Oil
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Manufacturer Texas Hill Country Olive Oil Company
City Dripping Springs, TX
Size 250 ml
Flavor Lemon
Our Price: $19.99

Lemon Crushed Olive Oil is made by crushing fresh lemons with freshly picked olives. During the milling season, both lemons and olives arrive to our mill on the same day, literally just off the trees. As quickly as possible, we introduce both the lemons and olives at the same point, where they are crushed and mixed together. This allows the natural zesty flavors of the lemon to naturally blend with the olive oil, creating a supremely fresh and rich lemon flavored olive oil. Which you can can only experience, here, in our bottles! Try it yourself, and let us know what you think! Flavor: Bursting with zesty lemon flavor, surprisingly smooth mouth feel, like a fine wine. Origin: "Crushed" - Our way of designating this flavored oil as an all natural freshly pressed flavored oil, where both the lemons and olives are "crushed" together. Usage: Without question - whenever you want to add a zesty lemon touch to your cooking. You can even use it on it's own, or with one of our balsamics for dipping bread, or drizzled over a fresh green salad.

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