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Lazy Bee Honey Co.

Lazy Bee Honey Co.
The Lazy Bee Honey Co. ™ began with a dream of some day having bees on our property. Not long after, two hives left on a purchased piece of property put that dream into motion. We began the process of researching bees, reading bee books, taking bee classes, and listening to those with experience in the "bee business". The conclusion was made.... We can do this! And the journey began...

We soon discovered that the bee activity in the two abandoned hives were merely robber bees. We needed bees. Our first purchase included a suit, gloves, tools, and one full strength hive. Now, we had bees. We continue to purchase and capture bees in Texas, raise them in Texas, pollinate Texas flowers and trees, and produce pure TEXAS honey. Where other apiaries will lease their bees to the California almond and peach orchards, we never ship our bees to areas of pollution or risk contamination of our colonies.

Our hives avoid the exposure of the herbicides and pesticides commonly used in many orchards. Each bee is born, raised, and works in Texas just like the Lazy Bee owners! Lazy Bee workers have the pleasure of pollinating the famous Blue Bonnets of Washington County, flying over the amazing views of the Texas Hill Country, and stealing a taste of some Blue Bell ice cream if any one dare not finish their serving. We all proudly boast of being residents of Blue Bonnet Country, Washington County, the Birth Place of Texas and home to Blue Bell Ice Cream.

Many trials, tribulations, swarm captures, and cut outs later we have a full functioning apiary (Bee Farm). As we still have many struggles, just as any farmer, we know that we have been blessed by the Lord to take care of these creatures and protect them so that they may flourish. We too pray for rain and a good harvest each year and God has been good.

We ask that you explore our website and contact us with any questions that you may have. We strive to provide the best customer service possible and a superior product. May God bless you and your family also.


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