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Sometime in early 2019, I decided to take an active stance to try and solve this challenge for myself and others. To satisfy my sweet tooth, I researched how to make desserts using alternative ingredients that wouldn’t raise my blood sugar. I came upon ingredients like almond flour and natural sugar alternatives Allulose and Monk Fruit.

Over the course of a weekend, I used these new ingredients to make a wide selection of the foods I previously thought I could no longer have (bread, muffins, cookies, etc.).  Honestly, some of it turned out pretty bad, but my saving grace were the chocolate chip cookies which turned out pretty well. I shared them with my roommate, David, and he was blown away that something without any sugar could taste so good. Over the following weeks, we worked together to make more flavors and tweaked the recipe until we had something we both really enjoyed.

We started handing out samples to our friends and family, and soon realized that we had struck a chord. People were desperate to enjoy something sweet without cheating themselves out of good health. The stars were aligned and we knew that we could do this. We could bring back dessert for so many people who were struggling with challenges like diabetes, the keto lifestyle, and celiac disease. We came up with our name ChipMonk Baking, and here we are today, making thousands of delicious low-carb cookies that our Customers can enjoy without risking the negative side effects of eating too many carbs and sugars. We are so happy to have you on this journey with us and can’t wait to see where it all leads!

ChipMonk Co-Founder,

Jose Hernandez 

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