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Cherub Jalapeño Grill Rack

Cherub Jalapeño Grill Rack
Cherub Jalapeño Grill Cherub Jalapeño Grill Cherub Jalapeño Grill Set Cherub Jalapeño Grill
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Manufacturer Jalapeño Jeaven
City Royce City, TX
Size 6 Peppers
Market price: $24.95
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Our Price: $14.95
Grill Set
If it’s just for one or two, this grill is for you. Sometimes you just don’t feel like sharing…indulge yourself! 

Tired of your peppers falling through the holes or falling over and off your grill? Can’t find enough of the right size peppers for your grill? Do your inside peppers stay raw while your outside peppers burn? Ever have your grill feet fall through the grill grate spilling your peppers into the coals? Need special tools to carry your grill to and from the fire?
All of those issues and more are gone forever with the Jalapeno Grills from Jalapeño Jeaven! This IS the best Jalapeno Grill available. Designed from the start to be the best and correct the problems found in lesser grills. Jalapeño Jeaven created an exclusive tapered hole design. Peppers aren't the same size so WHY SHOULD THE HOLES IN YOUR GRILL ALL BE THE SAME SIZE? Now, with the tapered hole, the bottom of the hole is narrower than the hole on other grills and the top of the taper is much wider allowing peppers of many sizes to securely sit in the tapered hole. They're stable, making contact to the grill at many points. With the added depth of the tapered hole design, even large peppers that are top heavy have side support to keep them from falling over and out of your grill.
As a bonus to the tapered design, the air gaps between the tines allows heat to travel from the bottom of the grill past the pepper to the top, providing for an evenly cooked pepper. Other grills trap this heat leaving the pepper overdone on the bottom and still raw on the top. What else? Jalapeño Jeaven designed oversized feet! Guaranteed to never miss the rack in your grill or oven. The feet are also bent out away from your grill for two reasons; They won't catch any drippings from the peppers making cleanup easier and the grill is stackable. Five grills stacked don't use any more shelf space than a single grill.    

And then there's the built in handle with the trademark Jalapeno Jeaven logo. No special tools required to carry this grill to and from the fire and with it's position well away from the peppers there's no chance you'll accidentally knock a pepper off onto the floor and you won't have to invoke the 5 second rule. That's important! Is that all?

Not quite. Jalapeño Jeaven builds their grills using a heavy gauge commercial grade stainless steel. MADE IN TEXAS. The same stainless used in commercial kitchens around the world. It won't warp, rust, or discolor. You don't need to season it before you can use it and best of all you just put it in the dishwasher when you're done and it's ready for the next party or gathering. We're very proud to offer this grill and we hope you're just as proud to own one! It REALLY IS the World's Greatest Jalapeno Grill!

Tips and Tricks: You can use your grill to cook stuffed mushrooms as well. With the extra space between the holes, there's plenty of room for your mushrooms to sit comfortably in the top of each hole taper.

Purchase the grill set for just $5.00 more! Includes the grill, coring tool, and pepper picker - a $8.00 value!
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Bobette Wolesensky
Sep 21, 2014
Verified review, this customer purchased from TexasFood.com
My husband loves this rack! It works for jalapenos and the skinny little shishedo peppers too! And - the corer works great as well!