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Candy Jalapeno BBQ Sauce

Candy Jalapeno BBQ Sauce
Candy Jalapeno BBQ Sauce Candy Jalapeno BBQ Sauce - Nutrition Facts
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Manufacturer Gabrick Barbecue
City Austin, TX
Size 20 oz
Flavor Candy Jalapeno
Market price: $9.50
save 16%
Our Price: $7.95

The name says it all. Loaded with fresh and flavorful candied jalapenos for a thick, sweet and bold BBQ sauce that will have your taste buds jumping for joy. We think it’s one of the best Texas BBQ Sauce flavors out there and that you’ll find yourself eating it by the spoonfuls. Serve it as a traditional dipping BBQ sauce or as a glaze to your grilled foods. We like it best on pulled pork, turkey, chicken, Kielbasa sausage, ham or as a dipping sauce for holiday veggie and cheese trays.  Mild heat- children and adults will love it. On a scale of 1 to 5 we rate this as a (3) in heat level with 5 being the hottest. Heat level may flucuate from batch to batch and season to season as real jalapeños are used in the making of this product.

Candy and Summer sun? Not quite, but we think you’ll enjoy our newest BBQ sauce a little more. Thicker than our other sauces, this rich and complex blend of sweetness has all the right things going for it. Don’t be shy if heat isn’t your thing because Candy Jalapeño leans more on the milder side of the Scoville heat scale and has a very broad appeal that everyone from children to adults will love. We know it will quickly become your new favorite BBQ sauce. Mild to Medium Heat

Slather this Texas BBQ sauce on ribs, pork chops, steak, burgers, you name it. Anything you grill and caramelize on the grill deserves a spoonful of Candy Jalapeno.

Candy Jalapeno BBQ Sauce comes in an eco-friendly glass bottle. No HFCS, No Gluten, No junk, No artificial sweeteners, No MSG.

INGREDIENTS: Ketchup (tomato concentrate from vine ripend tomatoes, distilled vinegar, corn syrup, onion powder, natural flavoring), Brown Sugar, Vegetable Juice (water and concentrated juices of tomatoes, carrots, celery, beets, parsley, lettuce, watercress, spinach), Salt, Vitamin C (asorbic acid), Flavoring, Citric Acid, Fresh Jalapenos, Worcestershire Sauce (vinegar, molasses, corn syrup, water, salt, caramel color, garlic powder, sugar, spices, celery  seed, tamarind extract, natural flavor, sulfiting agent), Distilled Vinegar, Spice, Liquid Smoke (water, natural hickory smoke flavor,citric acid, caramel color, vinegar, dextrose, sodium benmzoate [preservative], guar gum), Roasted Peppers, Salt, Xanthan Gum.