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Café Latina Variety Pack

Café Latina Variety Pack
Café Latina Variety Pack
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Manufacturer Café Latina
City Corpus Christi, TX
Size 6 - 1.5oz pouches
Our Price: $19.99

With 6 delicious flavors like pan de polvo and mexican chocolate, we know deciding which to try next isn’t easy. That’s why we have come up with a perfectly sized variety pack, including one of each Cafe Latina coffee in a simple order.

La Gran Fiesta is a flavorful nod to the festivities common among Latin American people. Latin American culture carries great respect for music, dance, food, and tradition. It’s no surprise, then, that all that passion translates into huge celebrations and fiestas all over Latin America throughout the year. Weddings, quinceaneras, religious processions, we celebrate it all. Participating in these events is a meaningful way to connect with the various cultures and learn their rich local folklore.

Pan de Polvo: Cinnamon, Brown Sugar, and Anise.

Grandma used to make the best cookies, and Pan de Polvo is at the top of the list! Pan de Polvo or Mexican wedding cookies are a tradition unto themselves and typically made in large batches for weddings or other special occasions. There’s just something about the small cookies covered in sugar, cinnamon, and anise that melts in your mouth and is like no other cookie you have ever tasted. Our Pan de Polvo coffee will be a sweet reminder until you can get your hands on the next batch.

Mexican Chocolate: Rich Chocolate and Cinnamon.

Thick, sweet, and fulfilling. Mexican chocolate is not your average chocolate. Made from ground roasted cacao nibs, sugar, and cinnamon, it has a distinctive spiced flavor. Everyone knows the best comfort in cold weather is a thick, soft blanket and a sweet, hot drink. Mexican chocolate recalls flavors similar to Abuelita’s hot chocolate, perfect for the coffee lover with an affection for chocolate.

Dulce de Leche: Sweet, creamy caramel flavors.

Dulce de leche history claims that a maid was cooking Lechada, a drink made from milk and sugar when she was called away. When she returned, she found that her inattention had accidentally created the confection that has become a staple of the Latin American diet. Sweet and thick with rich caramel flavor, Dulce de leche is the key ingredient in many Latin desserts and pastries. Our version of Dulce de Leche combines the best of both flavors between coffee and this thick dessert, without the extra calories.

Café de olla: Vanilla, Cinnamon, Dark Brown Sugar, Anise, and Clove.

Café de olla is a drink steeped in Mexican history. During the early days of the Mexican Revolution in 1910, soldaderas, or female soldiers, supported soldiers by cooking, cleaning and setting up camp. They prepared café de olla with cinnamon, piloncillo, cloves, coffee and chocolate roasted in a clay pot to serve as a filling drink that would help boost the soldiers’ energy throughout the day. To prepare café de olla, it is essential to use a traditional earthen clay pot as this gives a special flavor to the coffee. We take the preparation work out of the equation for you with our version of Café de olla.

Texas Rum:Caramelized sugars with a buttery undertone, sweetly spiced. Non-alcoholic.

Cafe Latina’s take on the flavors of Mexican rum. Mexico is a world-class producer (and consumer) of numerous spirits, like tequila made from blue agave, but also really tasty agricultural and traditional rums. In Mexico, sugarcane is abundant, grows all year long, and does not need extensive care, so it is unsurprising that rum is a natural choice for Mexican distillers. Our non-alcoholic Texas Rum flavored coffee is rich and sweet, perfect to enjoy at any time of day.

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