Behrnes' Pepper Salts

It all started with several chili plants in a backyard garden… What to do with all the peppers those two little plants produced? After two years of trial and error in our own kitchens, we created three unique pepper salts, Chipotle, Cayenne and Green Jalapeno which are delicious blends of spices that enhance flavor, blend cultures, and add something extra to any food. Now, our vision is to spice up the lives of all Texans with Behrnes’ Pepper Salts!

There is a rising number of consumers in North America make food choices based on healthier decisions and include spice and ethnicity in their food choices as well as looking to limit sodium and replace it with taste. “With more consumers embracing integrative, preventative wellness… many are turning to these well-known natural products (cayenne, garlic, tumeric) in both their native and in a dietary supplement form…” (Council for Responsible Nutrition). Behrnes’ Pepper Salts are a natural and flavorsome alternative to straight sodium that appeals to the modern American foodie.

A February 2013 Mintel Report on grocery shopping identified that “the Baby Boomer generation makes up a sizable percentage of grocery shoppers, and marketers would be remiss by not targeting this group”. The report also highlighted that these shoppers valued the nutritional benefits of food. Historically, female shoppers have taken sole responsibility for purchasing groceries, but in a recent report, nearly one-half of men claim to be solely responsible for grocery shopping in their households with the other half sharing the responsibility”. Behrnes’ Pepper Salts appeal to both men and women who are becoming more discerning grocery shoppers. As such, Behrnes’ Pepper Salts could be a staple grocery item in many Texan households.

We chose Chipotle, Cayenne and Green Jalapeno peppers for their rich colors, great flavor, distinct heat levels, and health benefits. Our manufacturer buys only the finest cumin, carefully propagated ground garlic, and turmeric which offer a spicy, peppery aroma and taste as well as a brilliant natural coloring. Cayenne promotes heart and circulatory health. Cumin aids digestion. Garlic sustains cardiovascular health and preserves healthy blood pressure. Turmeric is an anti- inflammatory and is touted as a one of Nature’s greatest gifts (NaturalNews June 28, 2013).

After finalizing the recipe in our home kitchen we partnered with Pendrey’s, “the oldest family owned & operated business in Texas, as our manufacturer. Their reputation for using only the finest ingredients pared well with our goal to produce a pepper salt that we were proud to put our name on the label. We wanted our look to be distinctive which is why we chose the square glass spice bottle. Although glass is priced much higher than plastic, we felt that the look and feel of our product is important to get consumers to be interested in what is inside. Our label and logo were also developed after painstaking hours of trial and error resulting in a rustic, Texan look with an image of each chili on the front.

In 2012, we began selling our products via friends and family. 2013 brought us our first retail location, San Saba Olive Oil Company and in the spring we began participating in a local farmers market. At the Chi-Omega Christmas Market in November we gained exposure as a gift item as well as a condiment and were contacted by Weir’s to be sold in their Country Store Locations. In 2014 we are moving out of the ‘locavore’ arena and hope to bring Texas flavors to the national market.

We started using our pepper salts on just eggs, but since have been more creative and have received feedback from return customers. Here’s a few suggestions: replace the salt and pepper on your table; on an apple at 3pm instead of a cup of coffee; on watermelon, popcorn, or grilled corn on the cob; as a Margarita glass rimmer; on the top of your beer; spice up your Bloody Mary; on any fish or meat; as a salad dressing boost; or a dry rub for your barbeque... where else…..? 

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