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BGood Grainola

Working for an investment company provided some opportunities to invest in craft breweries. As I learned the brewing process, I was drawn to the enormous amounts of spent grain discarded by the craft breweries. I looked at the spent grain and questioned the potential value still in it. Just a few hours prior, this grain was perceived as a high-quality, carefully developed blend of ingredients. Could there be something left in it? — My passion for food and cooking took over from there — I approached a local craft brewery to discuss their brewing process, and I asked for some spent grain to tinker with in my kitchen. As we stood in the brewery smelling the aromas, and they described their selection of ingredients - like Vienna Malts and Chocolate Malts - my excitement grew. A few cooking tests quickly revealed that the spent grain did have a lot left to contribute in flavor. Researching it further revealed the health benefits of a rich natural fiber and protein source.

I set out on a mission to create something—and it was GRAINola! Continuous experimentation led to samples that I would share with friends and family, and soon I mustered up the courage to take it back to the brewery. The response was unanimous approval! Since then, I have been on a journey of:

- providing a resourceful way to work with craft breweries’ delicious grain blends
- creating delicious, healthy, and unique food
- celebrating God’s faithfulness to us each and every day


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