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B Good Grainola Crunchy Bar

B Good Grainola Crunchy Bar
B Good Grainola Crunchy Bar
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Manufacturer BGood Grainola
City Hallsville, TX
Size 1.5 oz
Our Price: $1.75
This can satisfy you as a healthy and delicious snack! Great for when you're in a hurry, on the go, exercising, in lunchboxes...how do you like to snack?

- Coconut has a combination of Coconut flakes, fine Coconut macaroon, and Organic Coconut Oil for a satisfying but light Coconut taste! Even those who don't normally like Coconut enjoy this flavor!

- Honey Almond has almost 2 pounds of almonds baked into every batch, and we start with raw almonds that roast while we cook to keep that fresh, smooth almond taste!

- Oats & Honey is baked exclusively with a Stout beer grain. While it is listed as our most plain or generic flavor, the dark, flavorful Stout malts create our richest flavor of GRAINola!

- Peanut Butter has both whole peanuts - for a nice peanut punch - combined with natural peanut butter for a smooth nutty finish.
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Catherine Harvey
May 4, 2019
Verified review, this customer purchased from TexasFood.com
Best granola bar! Coconut gives sweetness

Advantages: Eat anywhere

Disadvantages: Messy crumbs
Melanie Campbell
Jan 8, 2019
This was in a gift basket from a friend for Christmas and many times I just toss out the snacks but I didn’t this one! It intrigued me and I’m glad I tried it! It’s yummy & healthy and after reading about how it’s made I’m amazed! How smart that ituses something normally wasted.

It is a little pricey for 1 pkg, but there are two bars inside. And it’s super yummy with coffee on a morning when you need something healthy and quick this would be great to have around!

Advantages: Many!

Disadvantages: None!