All Y'alls Foods

It’s Jerky Y’all is made right here in Texas, in three flavors inspired by our great state and four more flavors in the works. Our clean recipes feature plants special to Texas, from the prickly pear to the pecan to the chipotle pepper. Try them all and find a fave — they’re sure to have you whoopin’ and a hollerin’ for more. All the protein in beef comes from the plants cows eat. That’s why we cut out the middle critter to put plant-based proteins into your belly right from the source. Yes, humans need foods to deliver nine essential amino acids our bodies can’t make for themselves.

Guess what? Soy has ALL 9 proteins plus a heaping helping of fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals, too! Going meatless lets you skip saturated fats and cholesterol plus any hormones, antibiotics, bacteria, parasites, or carcinogens associated with animal proteins. Sweet! It’s Jerky Y’all uses the whole soybean — and only certified non-GMO soybeans — to deliver all that plant-based goodness to your body. We never use toxic chemicals to separate or mess with our soy in any way. Our plant-based jerky is clean, kind protein you can count on.

Need another reason to feel great about enjoying It’s Jerky Y’all? We’ve got you covered. A portion of each and every sale goes to support Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, right here in Texas.

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