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SilverLeaf International

It was spring in Southern Italy. The sun warmed the monastery’s beautiful olive orchard as Neal and Adriane McWeeney were out for a morning walk. As they passed the old monastery, a soft breeze blew in off the Adriatic Sea and the trees shimmered in response. For a moment, the leaves looked like they were made of silver ... and, there, amidst the sparkling olive trees, SilverLeaf was born.

Adriane and Neal have had a passion for good food since they were teens (long before they even met each other). Together they bring nearly 30 years of direct experience to every product--from product development to marketing to moving product through distribution and retail chains onto store shelves. As cooks, they're simply unmatched, fusing food and traditions into mouth-watering dishes. As hosts, their parties are the best invitation in town.

Inspired by those shimmering leaves that spring day in Southern Italy and the things they simply love, the McWeeney’s settled into their Houston-area community and began building their company with a fresh approach and a distinct focus on innovative combinations. In 2006 the company acquired Hösgood's, the makers of Epicurean's Delight marinated garlic, sauces, seasonings and stuffed olives .