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Pizzitola's BBQ

It all began in the Roosevelt era with Texas barbecue legend John Davis and his wife Leila. His legacy continues with owner Jerry Pizzitola and Pit Masters Carlton Gould, David Reynosa and Jose Estrada. And with Christine Lewis, Pizzitola’s kitchen staff boasts over 100 years of “pit style” barbecue experience. From these venerable open pits come some of the finest barbecue in Houston. Many say there is no place they’d rather eat brisket or ribs. And the daily crowd proves that!

Whether a tender lean cut, juicy top cut or crusty outside cut – the brisket melts in your mouth. Simply put, the pork ribs are the most popular menu item. Not a lot of frills, just salt and pepper rub. But the pits, fired with east Texas hickory, create the special flavor and delight.

Jerry’s take on chicken quickly became a signature item whether it be on or off the bone. The open–pit direct heat cooking process developed by his great grandmother produces a chicken with a crusty skin and juicy “fall-off-the-bone” meat. Don’t be shy – take home a whole chicken. The deliciously rough textured sausage is still made by the same two Czech brothers in Cistern, Texas. It’s hard to beat!

Pizzitola’s Bar-B-Cue offers all of the fixings: a mustard based potato salad, pinto beans, cole slaw and smoky grilled vegetables. The sauce... not vinegary or sweet, is just down right perfect. Jerry’s mom Margaret, “Mama” to the regulars – sees to it that a local bakery adheres strictly to her classic banana pudding, coconut /pineapple cake and a sinful chocolate fudge cake with a pecan icing – recipes that have guests coming back for more. Sometimes even stopping by for a slice to go.

For over 70 years Houstonians have made Pizzitola’s their home for real barbecue. Make it yours.

Pizzitola's BBQ

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