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Old 300 Trading Company

The Old 300 Trading Co. can be traced back to the original Old 300 families that colonized the great state of Texas. Our roots run deep in the Lone Star State. Longing to capture a moment of history when life was slower and simpler, the Old 300 Trading Co. began to develop a coffee that would represent that period of history. We are proud to offer our Campfire Select coffee. The Old 300 Trading Co has procured the finest raw 100% Arabica coffee beans available on the market. The raw beans are custom roasted right in Austin Texas. The roasting process delivers the perfect combination of aroma, body, and flavor along with an extra "kick" to get you through the day. Campfire Select is then packaged right from the roaster at the peak of freshness. You can purchase Campfire Select coffee with our personal guarantee of freshness, flavor, and quality. We do not mass produce Campfire Select nor do we mass market our products. Campfire Select coffee is a shared experience among like-minded folks along the trail. Once you've tried this coffee that help win the West you too can say, "I shared a campfire with the Old 300."