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Crazy Water No. 3

Crazy Water No. 3
Crazy Water No. 2 - Natural Deep Well Mineral Water Crazy Water No. 3 - Natural Deep Well Mineral Water
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Crazy No. 3 Natural Deep Well Mineral Water is drawn from a protected source 360 feet below the earth’s surface. No. 3 has a refreshing mineral taste that you can drink throughout the day helping to give your body the minerals it needs.

Calcium - 76 mg/L
Magnesium - 33 mg/L
Potassium - 2 mg/L
Bicarbonate (HCO3) - 453 mg/L
T. Alkalinity (as CaCO3) - 371 mg/L
Chloride - 212 mg/L
Sulfate - 434 mg/L
Fluoride - .4 mg/L
Sodium - 338 mg/L
Manganese - .16 mg/L
Zinc - .439 mg/L
Silica - 14.9 mg/L
Lithium - .05 mg/L
Ph - 7.2 mg/L
Total Dissolved Solids - 1369 mg

12 pack of 1 liter bottles

Shipping weight is 26 lbs.
Manufacturer Famous Mineral Water Co.
City Mineral Wells, TX
Size 12 pack of 1 liter bottles
Our Price: $36.00
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Deborah Gabryszak
Jul 9, 2013
Verified review, this customer purchased from TexasFood.com
I drink this water throughout the day along with filtered water and 1 glass of Crazy #4. I really love the clean, natural taste.

Advantages: Lowers fatigue throughout the day (better than just "regular" water); getting minerals naturally; comes from the USA!

Disadvantages: None