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Chef Tonni's HinoSpice #2 SPICY

Chef Tonni's HinoSpice #2 SPICY
Chef Tonni's HinoSpice #2 SPICY
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Manufacturer HinoSpices
City Austin, TX
Size 2.5 OZ (71g)
Our Price: $6.95
Quantity Price
6-11 Items $6.20
12+ Items $5.30
The two all-purpose seasonings, HinoSpices #1 & #2 (spicy), are made with a blend of natural spices, sea salt, no preservatives, and are low in sodium. You will enjoy spices blended and balanced to complement your cooking, delight your palate, and enhance your dining experience. The spices are a unique blend designed to enhance the flavor of what is being cooked. Sprinkle or rub down on chicken, beef, fish, or pork. HinoSpices are versatile spices that you can blacken, grill, broil, or bake with and will come out fabulous, full of flavor and kick every time. Lounging around, sprinkle HinoSpices on popcorn, salads, and more.

Chef Tonni's HinoSpice #2 is SPICY. For a MILD seasoning , view Chef Tonni's HinoSpice #1.
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(2 reviews)  

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Richard Arney
Dec 11, 2016
Use it spice up steam broccoli and my kids love it.

Advantages: Can be used on multiple items. The quality of the ingredients is superb does not burn when grilling.
Jeff welch
This stuff is great. The #2 is awsome on steaks!!

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